Thursday, February 9, 2012

02.09.2012 - Mega Update Edition

Hello all,

It's been a long time since I've posted.
Life has been pretty crazy and hectic lately.

Firstly, I moved to St. Catharines. I live with my girlfriend Melody.
Secondly, I'm a winged monkey at her friend Jason Lupish's film company, OCF (Open Concept Films).
Thirdly, I added an OCF fan page like box on my blog, if you didn't notice it.

Any how. I'm doing graphic design work, directing, videography, and the like with Jason and his partner in crime, Adam.

Check out the fan page to keep up to date with what we're doing.
His company Captivate Bridal teamed up with, and Rick Denham Photography to create a contest worth $10,000 for bridal planning, all day photography, and all day videography with same-day editing to one lucky bride.

Check out the contest here.
From there, you can see the videos we've been making to promote the contest.
Who knows, you just might win!

But yeah.
For those of you who follow, keep an eye on those websites for hilariousness and fun, and stuff.

That's about it for now!

Much Love,

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