Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chest Piece Design


Long time, no post, eh?

Well, I've got wonderful news.
As MOST of you know, I'm a tattoo freak.

Couple of weeks ago, my best buddy Tyler came down to Belleville and did some more work on my sleeve he started (added a couple lotus flower outlines).

Well, I've decided what I finally want on my chest.
Basically, a sugar skull (search it, they're awesome), with two oldschool Mexican revolvers behind them, with a banner underneath that says "Dead Men Tell No Lies".

In addition to that, I'm getting two crow silhouettes on my collar bones, totally unrelated, but I want them so bad, and seeing that EVERYONE gets sparrows, I wanna switch it up.

Anyway, I've been working dilligently on my chest piece design. It's not final or anything like that, I'm gonna have a professional touch it up (obviously), and have him/her do it. Sorry Ty, you're not touchin' this one pal, it's gonna be my pride and joy.

So yeah, here's some progress of what I have, with some reference pictures.
I still need to get some coloured markers to add the colour, when I get the entire outline all done and stuff.

Let me know what you guys think!
PS, the pictures were taken with my cellphone, at Starbucks, where I've been working on it (been here for like, 3hrs today alone).

This was my initial design.

The pictures AFTER the one with the teeth are references, and of course, my initial design.

Again, let me know what you guys think!
Thanks a lot, and have yourself a wonderful weekend.

-Much love,
Shane Zed

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