Sunday, June 20, 2010

Most Recent Shoot

Well, I took these photos at least a week ago, maybe longer.
I had them uploaded to my Flickr, but not enough time to actually post them here, as I had to make plans to move.

Just a side note, Lynn and I aren't together anymore, and I am no longer living with her in Kingston.
For now, I'm, in Belleville..
So, there might or might not be as many updates as I've been pumping out lately, since I don't have access to her camera.

BUT, here's what you came to see.
I've been trying my luck with portraits, and I dunno how well I fared on them.

Most of them are of Lynn, and there's one of my good buddy Westy, bein' a classy bass-man. Also, more nature from my last visit in Kingston.


That's about it for now, enjoy!

Much love,

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