Friday, January 1, 2010

Omigawd, these need to be in my earrrrs!

Lookin' over my hardware, I decided to take a sexy photo of my 00 gauge stainless steel plugs!

Obviously, the gauge reference card is proving it's usefulness already!

Not only does it tell me that my plugs are 00's, but the hoops Micah gave me to start with are 14g!

Soon, oh so soon, these shall be in my ears.

Here's some pics. [flickr]
LOVE the reflections, probably the nicest photos I've taken with my Fuji Film S700.

Also, I hope everyone had a good new years!
Mine was good for a while, hung out with Karyn and saw Tea for the Voyage at the K-Rock Center, and watched the fireworks, then couldn't get into MyBar, apparently I wasn't "formal" enough. Oh well, place is crap anyways.

Anyways! Enough ranting, it's a new year! I've got a new place, so life seems like it'll start out good!

That's all for now, happy new years err'body!


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